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St Albans Churchyard where they buried your sister

There is no crowd or witness murmur  Only the bell tolls with each proud pelt And hums as it eases When you kick up some dead leaves  And earthworms are scattered up with the mulch Your hands with crags and stony dents  Placing each thorny flower into its careful pose  I don’t call your name  […]

I went to sleep in my bed and woke up in my basement

When you were a baby And They saw you  And They birthed you, They bore you  They handed you to Mother  She dressed you and bathed you,  She taught you Mirrored fingers cast back your large, sleepless eyes  She cradled you for the first of many times  ❧ The finite twists in your cloth-wrapped torso  […]

When the riverbed shifts its silt

It blurs as dyes colliding  Until the mallard flock flurries  And the water swirls muddy ❧ When the riverbed reclaims its sediment  We collapse in stifled combining Taint me until I’m something different Blend me into something pretty Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash This is a rework of something I wrote for someone when I was 18 […]

Entropy (Heat Death)

Only Entropy Comes Easy Anton Chekhov In the day I create a breeze on the porch swing  Summer breathes shallow on the nape of my neck The hot hands clasp my chest  Another daybright fragment coasts on the grass  Like a mallard, sparks splutter when I slam down the mallet Like I’m forging it And […]

A tree wears Winter like earrings

Like my previous poem Hunger, I wanted to write about struggles with ED relapse. A large amount of the ED struggle is characterised by an unquenchable, unattainable obsession with perfection, which leeches itself into my ability to write. I want to be able to write for me again, and worry less about the need to […]


If it wasn’t for the prickly, quivering flame  Or the smoke ribbon signalling when it was snuffed The entangling roots of a plant suffocated Or the way that it drooped, then crackled, and pussed  ❧ For a shroud of grass blades that prong from the ground The fox wail in the nighttime, and to know […]

It is what it is. So say it without hesitation.