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‘Nother Dumb Corona poem

Humans evergreen and hibernating  Enclammed in concave spinal cords, eating Hunched over hot-white blasting computer screens  Mirrored like iridescent, plastic beetle wings ❧ These bug shells lined up, dried out on the window sill The common house spider, butterfly, silverfish Clawed up in static pose and pawed at by kittens  Leg raised muscles cry atrophy— […]

Rabbit Vultures

In the garden  There’s forever clover  The hutch is still  No sawdust raining  An empty house  No kicking, thudding  No bundling of bedding  No sneeze- or chew of weeds An empty house   With the door open ❧ Cloaked starlings sail  In the black bloated sky Him palming tarot cards  His false face armed  As crooked […]


Evils inherent  That darken doorways at 2am That kept kids up at bedtime  Begged the nightlight til age 10 ❧ Evils inherent  Bury the cemeteries in earnest Cut our diamonds routinely  Unscrew sharpeners  Berry blood beading Resting cleanly on the surface Evils inherent  Shackle our ability  To see what you see while cloud gazing  Shackle […]

The Night Walk

The mushrooms surrender  Their spores in lunar glow  Foxes sidle in the brush Teeth grate on stolen marrow ❧ Supping nectar as we walk down Lured by a rising song from a flute  Carrying in the crook of your arm  Some thousand wildflowers in a basket We’re drunk on absolutely nothing but cherub spit  ❧ […]


Red hair wet and matted eyelashes Heavy with water  From the lakes of my summer Reviving sparkling sodas  And bouncing off of the sun in eyes That turn malt green in the light  Snapshots only looked at twice  Once before and once again tonight  ❧ I hold grudges  Like a safe holds its gold Like […]

Stages of grief poems

For you, wherever you are  I hoped you weren’t afraid  When you were cast out into unconsciousness  Like a satellite knocked off its course (We all have to be eventually) ❧ I hope gravity pulled you to a gilded gate I hope that you weren’t as afraid  As I am when I catch myself waning […]

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