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Find something blue  She’ll be all doe eyes Weeping deer crowns Chestnut deep In oversized gown ❧ She trips over the long hem Over glass and black car shell  Over gnarled, overturned tree Forbidden jump rope giggles Wild rabbit witnesses Stop at the bough alter In bare feet and mud smudged knees ❧ Makeshift plank […]

North and Swallow

The way the wisteria crawl the canopy  And drape down limp, a stretched-out coil It strikes me as a father’s hand (I feel as if I’ve been here once) ❧ If the moon snuffs out  And smoke ribbons down  (The more I stare, the more it unsheathes) I’ll look toward the other door But branch-hung […]

Terrycloth Dog

In a snapshot mother framed There’s that sweet old toy from our childhood Plastic pellet-filled, floppy eared dog of white terrycloth Cotton-head drooping from her hand, by the paws Torn open a multitude of times but always stitched back up  Sometimes opened at the same place, those stitches create the weakest spots ❧ If you […]

‘Nother Dumb Corona poem

Humans evergreen and hibernating  Enclammed in concave spinal cords, eating Hunched over hot-white blasting computer screens  Mirrored like iridescent, plastic beetle wings ❧ These bug shells lined up, dried out on the window sill The common house spider, butterfly, silverfish Clawed up in static pose and pawed at by kittens  Leg raised muscles cry atrophy— […]

Rabbit Vultures

In the garden  There’s forever clover  The hutch is still  No sawdust raining  An empty house  No kicking, thudding  No bundling of bedding  No sneeze- or chew of weeds An empty house   With the door open ❧ Cloaked starlings sail  In the black bloated sky Him palming tarot cards  His false face armed  As crooked […]


Evils inherent  That darken doorways at 2am That kept kids up at bedtime  Begged the nightlight til age 10 ❧ Evils inherent  Bury the cemeteries in earnest Cut our diamonds routinely  Unscrew sharpeners  Berry blood beading Resting cleanly on the surface Evils inherent  Shackle our ability  To see what you see while cloud gazing  Shackle […]

It is what it is. So say it without hesitation.