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Entropy (Heat Death)

Only Entropy Comes Easy Anton Chekhov In the day I create a breeze on the porch swing  Summer breathes shallow on the nape of my neck The hot hands clasp my chest  Another daybright fragment coasts on the grass  Like a mallard, sparks splutter when I slam down the mallet Like I’m forging it And […]

A tree wears Winter like earrings

Like my previous poem Hunger, I wanted to write about struggles with ED relapse. A large amount of the ED struggle is characterised by an unquenchable, unattainable obsession with perfection, which leeches itself into my ability to write. I want to be able to write for me again, and worry less about the need to […]


If it wasn’t for the prickly, quivering flame  Or the smoke ribbon signalling when it was snuffed The entangling roots of a plant suffocated Or the way that it drooped, then crackled, and pussed  ❧ For a shroud of grass blades that prong from the ground The fox wail in the nighttime, and to know […]


Find something blue  She’ll be all doe eyes Weeping deer crowns Chestnut deep In oversized gown ❧ She trips over the long hem Over glass and black car shell  Over gnarled, overturned tree Forbidden jump rope giggles Wild rabbit witnesses Stop at the bough alter In bare feet and mud smudged knees ❧ Makeshift plank […]

North and Swallow

The way the wisteria crawl the canopy  And drape down limp, a stretched-out coil It strikes me as a father’s hand (I feel as if I’ve been here once) ❧ If the moon snuffs out  And smoke ribbons down  (The more I stare, the more it unsheathes) I’ll look toward the other door But branch-hung […]

Terrycloth Dog

In a snapshot mother framed There’s that sweet old toy from our childhood Plastic pellet-filled, floppy eared dog of white terrycloth Cotton-head drooping from her hand, by the paws Torn open a multitude of times but always stitched back up  Sometimes opened at the same place, those stitches create the weakest spots ❧ If you […]

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