Benevolent gods 

Fill the cathedrals 

with a cacophony 

Wails of sorrow 

from the lonely

The addicted 

The Machiavellian 

The pessimistic

Flocking and migrating

Back to safe havens 

A ball of clambering men

Like ants 

Stepping, clawing

Create a fleshy monument 

A vibrating, convulsing tower 

Stretching up to the ceiling 

Hundreds of desperate hands 

Smear the oil painted faces

The naked cherubs 

Crumble the holy limestone 

Murder the Virgin Mary 

Clutch her skirts 

Scratch her skin 

Tear her body limb from limb

Benevolent gods 

Fill the cathedrals with inferno 

Pour gasoline into ant nests

Set human buildings on fire 

Divine barbecue 

Bursts the stained glass like balloons 

And humanity 

Has never felt so earthly

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash